We, at Ethan Allen Associates, would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Before we begin we would like to ask that you thoroughly read the following so you can understand the risks, the inconsistencies, and the everyday problems associated with the construction industry and your project in particular. By, definition, construction work is messy, untidy, and dangerous. And remember, until the completion, your project is not only your home or business, it is now also our construction site. We must all conduct ourselves with this in mind.

Materials and equipment: When materials and equipment are delivered for your project they must be placed in a location that is close to the job site for our accessibility or your estimate would need to be increased to compensate for the extra handling. In many circumstances this would mean that they must be placed near, or on, frequently used driveways or cut, manicured lawns. We do the best that we can to protect these areas but some damage is likely to occur. This would apply to waste containers, as well. Repair of damages in any affected areas will be done for an additional charge. As a properly equipped construction firm, and as with any successful business, we need to cover necessary overhead. This is accomplished by markups on labor, materials, and subcontractors. This is why our contracts include all labor, materials and subcontractors. If a client wishes to supply any materials we require that they supply ALL of the materials, we will contract labor on an hourly basis, and our labor rate increases by $20 per man hour to cover this loss of overhead markup. (This principle also prevents us from bringing food to a restaurant and asking them to cook it.) It is also necessary that the client be sure that all materials are accurately ordered and delivered on a timely basis and be responsible for the condition and care of the materials. EAA will assume no responsibility for materials under this contract. I'm sure you can understand the needs for this. Also due to the drastically rising cost of petroleum, we must now charge a fuel surcharge of $0.50 per load mile for trucks used for tools / equipment and materials retrieval. Bear in mind that most of our materials are delivered by our suppliers.

Vehicle parking: On most projects we will need parking for 2 to 3 tool and equipment trucks, as well as employee vehicles, in the immediate area of the project. We do try to keep this to a minimum. If a company vehicle must be left at the site arrangements should be made for parking your personal vehicles. EAA will not be responsible for damage to any vehicles that are parked too close to company work vehicles or work areas.

Exterior work areas: Most exterior projects require that we work, or stand, immediately up to the structure. This would mean that we would need unrestricted access to the work area. Many homes have gardens or flower beds around the perimeter of the structure that would be in the way of working, especially on siding, window replacement, and roofing projects. Per your request we can add and additional charge to your estimate to install protection barriers in these areas. However, be advised that although we would use extreme care around these areas, some damage to plants and lawn is likely to occur. We try to keep this to a minimum. Repair of the affected areas will be done for an additional charge.

During the project we attempt to leave the site relatively clear of debris at the end of the day. Be advised that these daily cleanups may not be as thorough as the final cleanup. Watch for nails and other debris when walking or driving through these areas. We won't be responsible for flat tires. Be, also, mindful of necessary staging equipment and other such obstacles during construction. Following completion of the project we attempt to leave the areas at least as clean as we found them. However, be advised that, regardless of how thorough we try to be, it is possible that an errant nail or piece of debris could be overlooked. This should be expected. Remember, we take every precaution possible to protect your home and belongings but accidents do happen.

Interior work areas: When working in an occupied structure we would build temporary barriers to contain dirt and dust. As a temporary structure these barriers won't be perfectly sealed. Some dust is likely to escape. Remember that, if you would rather we didn't cut our materials in the home at the immediate site of your project, labor costs would increase if we had to continually go in and out of the structure to make these cuts. Furniture that must be moved for your project should be moved before we arrive. If you wish for us to move your belongings we would charge an hourly rate for this service and, although we would use extreme care, you the homeowner, must assume responsibility for your belongings during the move.

Hours and conduct: We begin work at our shop to prepare for the day. We, typically, would not arrive at your site before 8:00 AM. However, depending on the project, we may arrive as early as 7:00 AM. We try to take advantage of as much daylight as we can but would typically, be gone by 6:00 PM. If you have a particular request regarding our hours please make this prior to signing the contract. Our crews typically play radios during the work day. We will assure you that the volume will be kept at a reasonable level and the selections of music will be tasteful and inoffensive. Our crews need to be afforded access to bathroom facilties. If none are available in-house arrangements must be made to supply outside facilities in contract or otherwise at the client's expense. EAA cannot be held responsible for pets. House pets will be contained so that our crews need not worry about them escaping. Nuisance yard pets will be contained to prevent danger or injuries to our crews and your pets.

Scheduling: "Where do those contractors go after they start our job?" Schedules are tentative. Variables such as material shipping, weather, equipment and manpower problems, changes, etc. affect our schedules. While we are working on your project it is quite likely that we may be waiting for something on a previous job that will call us away to install it when it arrives or we may be waiting for something to dry to continue. We, obviously, can't stand around waiting so we begin the next job. If we begin another job while waiting for something for your job you would be more than happy to let us leave the new job to come back to yours. We hope you can understand.

Contracts, change orders, and estimates: Details of our contracts are laid out in the body of the proposal. Please carefully read the entire contents of the proposal / contract before signing. Time and materials work outlined in a contract, as with a change order, must be paid for on completion of the work/change order, not on completion of the contract unless the entire contract is written for time and materials basis. Any and all work not included in the body of the contract that is required to fulfill that contract will require a written change order. Also, our years in the construction business have taught us that this is not an exact science. An estimate is just that. Way too many things can go wrong and many changes will have to be made. It would be wise to keep your estimate at about 80% of your budget so that you will be better prepared for inevitable problems.

Relationship: It is important that we understand each other and work together throughout the project. If you have any questions for, or requests of, us please meet with us at the beginning or the end of the work day. We kindly ask that the workers not be bothered with job-related questions during their personal time (breaks, lunch) or interrupted during work hours. Any questions regarding the progress, changes, etc., should be directed to our office and we will approach things at that level or will schedule a meeting during a work day. As things progress, and as we are all human, problems will arise. We must accept this probability and commit ourselves to working these problems out sensibly.

Again, Thank You for calling Ethan Allen Associates.
We look forward to a pleasant and rewarding business relationship!